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Your apps and users have left your
network. Shouldn’t your IPS?

Take intrusion prevention to a higher level
with Zscaler Cloud IPS

IPS is essential, but today’s IPS is essentially worthless

Your network visibility is gone

Your users and apps have left the network, but your intrusion prevention system (IPS) is still sitting in the data center. Mobility and cloud migration are causing your IPS investment, and your security, to run blind.

Attacks are targeting users, not servers

IPS was designed to protect servers sitting in the data center, but intrusions now leverage the weakest link: the user. You need IPS protection built for the demands of protecting the user.

You can’t afford Inspection compromises and SSL limitations

The demands of inspecting all your traffic, including SSL—where most threats hide—have been a challenge for IPS. You deserve a solution without performance limitations or hardware refresh requirements.

Challenges with today's IPS

Today’s IPS solutions are struggling to deliver the protection they once promised.

Restore your visibility and threat protection with Zscaler Cloud IPS

Deliver always-on IPS to all your users

Cloud delivery lets you puts IPS threat protection where traditional IPS can’t go. Zscaler Cloud IPS follows all your users, no matter the connection type or location, and you get the always-on threat protection and visibility you need.

Get protection built for today’s breaches

Zscaler Cloud IPS works across a full suite of technologies like firewall, sandbox, CASB, and DLP to stop more kinds of attacks. You get complete threat protection from botnets, advanced threats, and zero-days, along with contextual information about the user, app, and threat.

Never run out of inspection capacity

Because Zscaler Cloud IPS is delivered as a service, your inspection demands scale automatically and you never run out of capacity. Best of all, you can finally inspect all your SSL traffic and stop more threats where they hide. Say goodbye to the hardware refresh!


Zscaler Cloud IPS benefits

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Unlimited capacity

Delivered across more than 150 data centers worldwide, Cloud IPS performance from any user location is lighting fast, and you’ll never run out of inspection capacity

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Smarter threat intelligence

The Zscaler cloud process tens of billions of requests a day from over 15 million users across global enterprises, government, and military organizations. You’ll achieve faster detections with fewer false positives

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Full SSL inspection

The Zscaler Cloud IPS service fully inspects all your SSL traffic without any performance impact. Stop making inspection compromises and find more malware where it hides

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Transparent updates

Zscaler Cloud IPS is constantly and transparently updated with the latest signature coverage, which eliminates change control outages

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Full integration for context awareness

Cloud IPS is fully integrated into the Zscaler Security Platform. Cloud FirewallCloud SandboxCASB, and DLP work in concert to give your IPS critical information about apps, users, and files. Such context is essential for determining whether to respond to an incident and how

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Simpler and more cost effective

Just point your traffic to Zscaler. There is no hardware to buy or software to manage. You get IPS protection at a fraction of the cost of traditional appliances

Stop more advanced threats with Zscaler Cloud IPS

Explore Trending Internet Threats

Zscaler Cloud IPS enables you to have all threat and alert data in one place. Full user, file and app context is available. Streaming to a SIEM allows further integration into the SOC ecosystem.


The Zscaler Threat Library allows administrators and SOC personnel to drill down on IPS alerts to perform in-depth analysis of threat data within their installation. Search by vulnerability, category or keyword.


The world's most trusted brands trust Zscaler

Read their stories and hear their accounts of moving security off the network and into the cloud.

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Getting started is simple

With Zscaler Cloud Security, there is no hardware deploy or manage. By making Zscaler your next hop to the internet, you’ll immediately enjoy increased security and compliance. Turn on the services you need now, and easily add more as your demands grow or as you phase out appliances.


Up-level your security and make Zscaler your next hop to the internet. It is fast to deploy and no infrastructure changes are required.



Remove point products and phase out gateway appliances at your own pace. Reduce cost and management overhead.



Cloud-enable your network. Secure SD-WAN / local internet breakouts, optimize backhauling and deliver a better user experience.


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