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Prevent Cloud Misconfigurations and
Vulnerabilities with Cloud Configuration Security (CSPM)

Visibility, governance, and compliance for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Misconfigurations: The biggest threat to public cloud security

According to Gartner, nearly all successful attacks on cloud services are the result of customer misconfiguration, mismanagement, and mistakes. Organizations are rapidly adopting multi-cloud environments and increasingly relying on cloud services. But cloud configurations are complex, especially in multi-cloud environments. The dynamic, complex nature of the cloud and the lack of visibility make it harder to secure deployed assets and resources against misconfigurations. 

A single misconfiguration in one service can expose highly sensitive data or escalate into a serious security issue with legal and financial implications. Often arising from cloud service policy mistakes or a misunderstanding of shared responsibility, the misconfiguration of a cloud  application can leave applications vulnerable to attacks and severely impact an organization’s overall security posture, highlighting the need for a comprehensive security solution like Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM). 

The dark side of the cloud

Data exposure

Data exposure

An accidental misconfiguration of cloud applications is one of the most common causes of data exposure, costing companies time and money.
Compliance violations

Compliance violations

Application deployment and use are spread across locations and groups, making unified assurance a complex and time-consuming process.
Complex security governance

Complex security governance

Inconsistent security tooling and baselining across the entire software development lifecycle makes security governance a challenge.

CSPM with Cloud Configuration Security

Continuous cloud security and compliance assurance

Cloud Configuration Security simplifies and streamlines cloud security posture management across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. It proactively identifies and remediates misconfigurations in IaaS and PaaS to reduce risk and ensure compliance while maintaining a sound security posture. It supports security and compliance efforts with the broadest coverage of 2,700 pre-built policies mapped across 16 standards,  including NIST, CIS Benchmarks, PCI DSS, SOC2, and AWS security best practices, and enforces guardrails for secure and compliant deployments that improve DevOps efficiency. 

Cloud Configuration Security is part of the comprehensive, 100% cloud-delivered data protection capabilities in the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange.

Gartner recommends that security and risk management leaders should invest in cloud security posture management (CSPM) processes and tools to proactively identify and remediate cloud security risks.

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Zscaler Approach to CSPM - 100% Cloud-delivered data protection

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What can Cloud Configuration Security do for you?

Unify visibility

Unify visibility and control over security posture

A single offering that provides comprehensive visibility and mitigates violations across  cloud service providers, ensuring adherence to laws and industry regulations.
Prevent cloud misconfigurations

Prevent cloud misconfigurations

Identify misconfigurations that can lead to data loss, application breaches, and costly downtime, while ensuring adherence to data privacy regulations, such as GDPR.
Automate remediation

Automate remediation

Ensures that configurations of all cloud applications follow industry and organizational best practices, which includes automated remediations that prevent vulnerability to outside threats. Seamlessly integrate with the SecOps ecosystem (e.g., ServiceNow or Zendesk) to enable the SecOps team to act immediately and effectively.

Cloud Configuration Security Compliance Assurance

Due to the highly dynamic, distributed nature of the cloud and ever-changing compliance requirements, it has become challenging and time-consuming to meet industry-standard regulations. 

Cloud Configuration Security delivers unified visibility and control with a dedicated compliance dashboard, while it helps to maintain a sound cloud security posture and ensures your cloud infrastructure complies with specific industry benchmarks. 

It helps to enforce compliance with a prebuilt framework of 16 standards and supports any custom framework covering multiple industry standards, regulations, and best practices mapped to relevant controls with various cloud services. These capabilities enable it to assess gaps and remediate them automatically.

How Cloud Configuration Security (CSPM) adds value to your security program

Discover Assets

Discover Assets – Discover assets, inventory, pinpoint misconfigurations and compliance violations making it easier to manage the attack surface and mitigate risk.

Prioritize Risk

Prioritize Risk – Prioritize, and fix the most critical security risks, violations with Risk-based prioritization before they are exploited.

Remediate Violations

Remediate Violations – Leverage step-by-step guided or auto-remediation to mitigate identified misconfiguration and violations.

Compliance assurance

Compliance Assurance – Automatically validate all configurations against pre-built mapped 2700+ industry best practices and 16 compliance frameworks such as GDPR, PCI, NIST, CIS, and the custom framework.


DevSecOps – Integrate and enforce security, compliance checks at the development stage to keep up with DevOps deployment speed.

Secure Kubernetes Configurations

Secure Kubernetes Configurations – Identifies Kubernetes misconfigurations, processes running as root, privileged containers, and compliance violations. and secures various Kubernetes deployments like AKS and EKS.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration – Easily integrate with current SecOps ecosystems such as ServiceNow, Zendesk, or Splunk so that the SecOps team can act immediately and effectively.

Easy Implementation

Easy Implementation – CCS, a multi-tenant SaaS solution, gets deployed in minutes with read-only access at scale without limitation and complexities.

Learn more about Zscaler Cloud Protection

Zscaler Cloud Protection provides comprehensive multi-cloud security, covering misconfigurations, exposed attack surfaces, lateral threat movement, and data loss.

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