Now, you can secure work-from-anywhere

Pioneer the new world where work is no longer a place—it’s simply what people do.


Work-from-anywhere has changed business, for good

Today’s focus on business continuity, the ability to acquire remote talent, and a growing hybrid work environment has created an urgent need to enable secure, fast, and reliable access to all applications—from any device, any location, over any network. Unlike in years past, work is now defined as an activity you do rather than a place you go. 

IT leaders are under pressure to securely enable this modern work environment. Businesses must consider a new method of connectivity to ensure success.

“Work” is no longer a place

Gartner research stats that 70 percent of CIOs are driving business initiatives focused on work-from-anywhere. However, the newly distributed workforce requires secure access to all applications in ways that traditional access solutions cannot accommodate. With the right solution, IT can:

Ensure universal access to all applications

Enable secure access to all external and internal apps from anywhere

Ensure universal access from all devices

Access apps from all common devices used for work

Prevent compromise, lateral movement, and data loss

Enforce business policies that follow the user, making security identical regardless of location

Restore visibility into user traffic

Increase productivity with proactive monitoring of network, app, and device performance

Detect and resolve IT support tickets faster

Strengthen the relationship between IT and users by keeping users productive and happy

72 percent of IT leaders agree: zero trust is critical for securing work-from-anywhere

Zero trust assumes that no entity (user or application) should be inherently trusted, but rather users and apps should connect securely over the internet using business policies and identity. Zero trust has helped many IT leaders support the modern workplace by delivering:

Eliminate the attack surface

Access to any app from anywhere, with better security

Zero trust solutions ensure users receive fast, reliable access to all apps, from all devices, on any network—while enabling better cyberthreat prevention and data protection without extending network access. Implementing zero trust means saying bye to VPNs

Eliminate the attack surface

The best end-user experience

Traditional access solutions create performance blind spots for IT, negatively affecting user productivity. Inline zero trust services provide insights that help you identify performance pains and resolve tickets quickly, keeping users happy and productive

Secure work-from-anywhere with Zscaler

Access from anywhere, security that’s everywhere

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange is helping IT leaders embrace a cloud-delivered approach to enabling zero trust and delivering fast, seamless, and secure access across their entire business ecosystem—no matter where people are working. By providing policy-based access to external and internal applications, users can work securely from anywhere, on any device, and from any location by connecting to any of Zscaler’s 150 global data center locations.

Secure work-from-anywhere with Zscaler

Top work-from-anywhere use cases

Work-from-anywhere is a high priority initiative for many companies, but it can be hard to know where to begin. Here are the top five use cases businesses are addressing as they begin to enable their anywhere workforce.

Fast, direct access to SaaS applications

Secure remote access without VPN

Zero trust access for hybrid and back-to-office users

Eliminating the risk of B2B access

Zero trust access from POS/handheld devices

Zscaler powers successful work-from-anywhere around the globe

Thousands of companies rely on the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange to power the modern workplace. Hear their stories.

Zero trust powers the City of L.A. to serve residents during the pandemic and beyond

Zero trust powers the City of L.A. to serve residents during the pandemic and beyond


BBC enables a secure “back-to-office” workforce with Zscaler zero trust


National Australia Bank enables 85 percent of its workforce to work remotely—in days, not months

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