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Break Free From Your
Legacy Symantec/Blue Coat Proxies to Embrace Digital Transformation

How will your digital transformation succeed if you’re boxed in with an appliance-based proxy?

Why it's time to rethink your Symantec/Blue Coat approach

Poor user experience

Many organizations rely on Microsoft 365, which is bandwidth- and connection-intensive. Appliance-based proxies are easily overwhelmed and struggle to keep up, resulting in slow response times and a frustrating experience for employees, especially when using latency-sensitive apps like Teams and SharePoint.

Security blindspots

At least 84 percent of the global internet traffic is encrypted. Unfortunately, legacy appliance-based proxies cannot inspect all SSL/TLS traffic, which is where most of today’s threats hide, and allowing this traffic to go uninspected puts you at a considerable risk of compromise.

Administration nightmares

The surge of support tickets, policy management, patches, upgrades, change windows, and never-ending hardware and connectivity issues trap your IT and security teams in an endless cycle of firefighting, keeping your business from moving forward.

Break free from your risky legacy approaches and embrace digital transformation with Zscaler

Superior performance

Superior performance

A true cloud-native platform, Zscalers’s unique inline proxy architecture is built with a robust multi-tenant infrastructure distributed across 150+ global edge locations, providing unlimited scale, unprecedented performance, and delightful user experiences.




Processing more than 165B daily transactions, the world's largest inline security cloud provides end-to-end visibility, limitless SSL/TLS inspection, and delivers real-time threat intelligence and protections to every user.

Simplified management


Purpose-built for today's mobile, cloud-first world, our cloud-native proxy architecture eliminates all hardware so that you can forget about upgrades, complicated policies, and connectivity issues. Instead, you'll gain fast, secure any-to-any connections—user to app, app to app, and machine to machine—regardless of where the connections occur.

We’ll help you succeed

We’ll help
you succeed

We know it's not easy to migrate when you have invested so much time and effort in a legacy solution such as Symantec/Blue Coat. So let us help you with this exclusive offer.

Now is the time to break free from legacy Symantec/Blue Coat proxies

Why replacing your Symantec/Blue Coat appliances with a cloud-native platform makes sense.


Symantec (Blue Coat)


Form factor

Symantec (Blue Coat)


Inherently limited in capacity with an inability to scale without adding more appliances.



A cloud-native proxy architecture with infinite scale completely eliminates the need for appliances.

SSL inspection

Symantec (Blue Coat)

Falls flat

With 84% of the global web traffic being encrypted, appliances are unable to inspect SSL traffic effectively, often forcing users to bypass security for a better experience.


Nothing is hidden

The cloud-native  proxy architecture enables inline inspection of all SSL traffic without performance degradation and without compromising security.

Threat prevention

Symantec (Blue Coat)

Can't keep up

Adversaries are using automated tools with novel tactics to evade your defenses. Appliances need constant upgrades and updates.


Better protection

Harnessing the power of the cloud drastically reduces your attack surface, and you’re always up to date with 120K+ daily security updates sourced by 180B daily transactions across the entire security stack.

Malware analysis

Symantec (Blue Coat)


Unknown and potentially malicious files pass through the proxy appliance without inline inspection, leaving the network exposed to a variety of attacks.


AI/ML-based quarantine

True inline detection with AI/ML based analysis stops and quarantines zero-day attacks from reaching their target—even if they are hidden in SSL traffic.


Symantec (Blue Coat)

Too many blindspots

Adversaries use encrypted channels to deliver their payloads. Traditional appliances are blind to this traffic, giving them free rein to deliver threats, such as ransomware inside your network, virtually undetected.


Comprehensive prevention

Full SSL inspection at scale with a cloud-native zero trust architecture exposes, isolates, and stops ransomware in its tracks, regardless of user, location, or network.

Remote workforce

Symantec (Blue Coat)

Unable to scale

Appliance-based approaches cannot scale adequately to secure a growing remote workforce, making it complex and cumbersome to manage security policies.


Infinite scale

Native cloud architecture enables auto-scale with a frictionless transition of security policies to protect users working from anywhere.

Microsoft 365

Symantec (Blue Coat)

Poor user experiences

Appliances bottleneck cloud applications such as M365, as their dependency on throughput and sessions with other hardware controls lead to poor user experiences.


One-click M365 configuration

Users get a direct and secure connection through Zscaler’s one-click M365 feature. With one setting, everything is optimized for M365, delivering superior performance and a more productive user experience.


Symantec (Blue Coat)

Legacy methods

Too much time is spent dealing with hardware configuration issues and maintaining inconsistent policies across the network and remote users.



With the network out of the equation, you can focus on creating context-based business policies that are enforced consistently without any hardware constraints.


Hear from one of the world’s
largest law firms that switched from Symantec/Blue Coat to Zscaler

Steptoe and Johnson Customer Story - Switching from secure web gateway appliances (Blue Coat) to Zscaler

Hear from one of the world’s largest law firms that switched from Symantec/Blue Coat to Zscaler

Not to mention our other Fortune 500 digital
transformation success stories

Chris Drumgoole

Chris Drumgoole

Former CTO, GE

Impoved the user experience by 80% over legacy gateway approaches

Alex Philips

Alex Philips

Former CTO, GE

Reduced infected machines by 35x over traditional security appliances

Frederick Janssen

Frederick Janssen

VP IT Strategy and Governance, Siemens

Cut infrastructure costs by 
70% with Zscaler

Almost convinced?

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