Enter Zscaler Virtual Briefing Center

We are pleased to announce the opening of the Zscaler Virtual Briefing Center (VBC), a space dedicated to serving customers, prospects, and partners.

Whether you are working towards digital transformation, strategizing on security, or attempting to find ways to achieve greater productivity in the new work-from-anywhere reality, our experts are here to collaborate with you and help you get closer to your objectives. We’ve structured the Virtual Briefing Center to be customizable so that you’ll get the experience and information that are most relevant to you.

During your customized VBC experience, you can expect:

Opportunities to engage with Zscaler leaders

and experts to discuss topics most relevant to you

Access to best practices

plus case studies and industry research specific to your business objectives

An immersive virtual space to explore

full of micro-demos and content customized to your needs and interests

Relationship building

with key stakeholders

Live (virtual) Zscaler demonstrations

and in-depth white boarding and roadmap sessions

Enter Zscaler Virtual Briefing Center
Two types of briefings are available

Two types of briefings are available:

Executive Briefing

A personal experience focused around open collaboration and achieving your goals. We will provide a session in which you can explore and strategize with our top executives. These briefings are designed to be business-aligned to your priorities, evolving risks, and smart investments.

Technical Briefing

In technical briefings, we dig a little deeper. They can be engagements more focused on architecture and design, with our technical experts working with you to understand your unique challenges and identifying solutions together. Engage in demos, labs, or workshops to get a hands-on understanding of the solutions Zscaler can provide for your business.

Two types of briefings are available

Enter the Virtual Briefing Center