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Protect your
data from risky third-party apps

Find and control dangerous backdoor connections into SaaS platforms with Zscaler AppTotal

With Zscaler AppTotal, organizations can prevent unknown third-party apps from connecting and exfiltrating data from platforms like Google Cloud or Microsoft 365.

Take back control of SaaS platform connections

Every time a user grants a third-party access into their Google or Microsoft 365 account, your attack surface grows. Most companies are blind to these connections, which often have read and write privileges to sensitive data.    

Zscaler AppTotal scans your SaaS platforms in minutes, giving you instant visibility over all third-party app connections. Easily analyze and remediate over-privileged access and enable policies that ensure safe user behavior.  


The Advantages of Third-
Party App Security


Strengthen SaaS platform

Uncover dangerous SaaS platform connections by getting full visibility into all risky API access and behavior.


Stop data exfiltration and breaches

Secure SaaS platform data from risky apps or adversaries leveraging exposed backdoor connections.


Maintain constant SaaS control

Continuously monitor behavior, revoke access if necessary, and streamline end user notifications.


Zscaler saves organizations $2.1 million annually

New IDC report highlights the value of Zscaler Data Protection

How Zscaler AppTotal works

Our platform supports major SaaS platforms and quickly, giving you unprecedented visibility into and control over third-party apps.

Connect and scan in minutes

Support for major platforms like Microsoft 365, Google, Slack, Salesforce, and Atlassian

Get instant connection visibility

Quickly see what’s happening across all vulnerable, abused, and misconfigured third-party apps

Take control and reduce risk

Continuously monitor behavior, revoke access if necessary, and streamline end user notifications

What Zscaler AppTotal can
help you do


Protect SaaS data

Ensure critical and sensitive data remains with your SaaS Platform and prevent exfiltration to unknown locations and apps


Reduce the attack surface

Get visibility into and control over exploitable channels in SaaS platform and reduce risk by revoking dangerous connections


Automate App Governance
and Visiblity

Keep compliance and posture up to date and ensure users don’t degrade your posture or expose data by connecting to risky or rogue apps

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