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Zscaler + Cloud Partners

Zero trust enables businesses to safely adopt and migrate to scalable cloud solutions


Cloud-first security with SSE and zero trust

Cloud-based strategies support remote and hybrid workforces, laying the groundwork for organizations to scale efficiently. However, as you shift resources to the cloud, enable remote access, and expand your network beyond the traditional perimeter, you’re bound to face new challenges in security and compliance. Today’s cloud challenges include:

Access roadblocks

Moving apps and data to the cloud multiplies the difficulty of providing secure, seamless access to a hybrid workforce

An expanded attack surface

Migrating to cloud from on-premises environments and infrastructure misconfigurations can subject your digital assets to greater risk

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Operational complexity

Traditional network-centric VPNs, virtual appliances, and disconnect with other teams are major distractions for IT teams, putting the brakes on business growth

Go beyond VPN

Zscaler zero trust solutions work with cloud infrastructure providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure to help you safely accelerate your cloud transformation. Zero trust empowers you to transcend the limitations and risks of VPNs to offer your workforce fast, secure, direct connections to cloud apps and data. You’ll also be able to securely shift resources to the cloud to take advantage of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions.


Infrastructure and platform as a service (IaaS and PaaS)

Move past traditional perimeter security and toward cloud storage, virtual servers, and other advanced services with Zscaler. Our zero trust service improves user experience, reduces complexity, and speeds up cloud workload implementations. Authorized users connect directly to cloud apps from anywhere, and cloud workloads safely communicate with on-premises destinations or the internet. Plus, your apps and workloads are always invisible to the internet, out of attackers’ reach.


This empowers IT teams with agility and easier access control. Without the complexity and risk of managing traditional appliances, you’ll enjoy faster migrations and solution rollouts that let you maximize the value of your IT footprint.


Software as a service (SaaS)

Growth-oriented organizations are quickly shifting resources to the cloud and SaaS applications—but these apps need to intercommunicate and be accessible 24/7 to a remote workforce of proliferating identities, devices, and locations. The game-changing Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ platform brings this vision to life, delivering secure user-to-app and app-to-app connections with context-based identity and policy enforcement.


Our platform’s globally distributed access footprint offers users a fast, consistent experience. Zscaler enables your enterprise to take full advantage of SaaS applications while protecting your invaluable digital assets, minimizing cyberthreats, and keeping your workforce humming.



The adoption of cloud services and cloud-based apps has enabled businesses to transform and react to customer needs and demands more quickly. That said, these tools are open to the internet and available to anyone, so they can expose you to greater risk. Posture Control by Zscaler enables DevOps and security teams to efficiently prioritize and remediate risks in cloud native applications earlier in their development life cycles.

With that, cloud security and infrastructure teams can now gain visibility into your cloud assets and configurations, so they can manage and remediate misconfigurations and discover new potential threats.


Matthias Quernheim

Head of Global Connectivity and Security, Sanofi
“We’re glad to be working with Microsoft and Zscaler as the leading companies in zero trust solutions.”

Peter Daly

Director of Network Services – Global Infrastructure, Johnson Controls
“We rolled out ZPA to 25,000 users in two weeks. The speed of this process is something I have never experienced in my professional life.”

Sue Bohn

Vice President of Program Management, Microsoft
“By implementing Zscaler Private Access and integrating it with Azure Active Directory, Johnson Controls was able to improve both security and the remote worker experience.”

Eric Fisher

Director of IT Enterprise Systems, Growmark
“We’re very happy with Zscaler and AWS. They’ve enabled us to securely deploy in the cloud at scale, and provide us the flexibility to do things like acquisitions, future-proofing, and building and deploying additional workloads in the cloud.”

Chris Grusz

Dir. of Biz. Dev., AWS Marketplace, Service Catalog, and Control Tower, AWS
“Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange provides game-changing security services at cloud scale. Zscaler … is helping AWS customers accelerate their transformation strategies.”
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Delivering zero trust access for users and internal apps


Establishing direct internet connections and cutting costs by 70%


Improving security and user experience with zero trust and Zscaler Private Access