Zscaler Data Protection von CRN als Produkt des Jahres 2023 ausgezeichnet

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Molson Coors Puts Great User Experiences on Tapwith the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Zuverlässiger Schutz vor Cyberangriffen Zero Trust Cloud Connectivity Privileged Remote Access for OT Hervorragende digitale Anwendererfahrungen VPN Alternative Zuverlässiger Schutz für User


  • Unternehmen: Molson Coors
  • Industrie: Lebensmittel, Getränke und Tabakwaren
  • HQ: Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Größe: 17,000+ employees across 42+ breweries worldwide


Built on hundreds of years of beverage crafting tradition, Molson Coors is not only the world’s third largest brewer, but also an innovator in the beverage space worldwide. The company is also part of the S&P 500 and a major donor to climate change research.


Replacing traditional VPN to secure a great user experience for 17,000 employees worldwide


  • Delivers the security and connectivity benefits of a true zero trust architecture

  • Speeds up issue resolution times—from up to 8 hours down to 15 minutes

  • Provides direct app access, not network access, massively reducing the attack surface

  • Blocks millions of threats per day with zero capacity limitations

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Molson Coors delivers secure, peerless digital experiences