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International Women’s Day 2022 - Celebrating Powerful Women in Tech

März 08, 2022 - 4 Lesezeit: Min

At Zscaler, we celebrate diversity every day. We know that we’re stronger when we have input and perspective from people of varied backgrounds, which is why we make representation a priority. We’re proud to celebrate International Women’s Day every year and elevate the voices and stories of the powerful and brilliant women that make Zscaler great.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is #BreaktheBias, which aims to focus on an equitable and inclusive world—free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. This can be particularly challenging for women in technology, as it has historically been a male-dominated field. As far as we’ve come, we know there is still work to be done. Through our employee resource group Women in Zscaler Engage (WIZE), we have built a vibrant community that fosters career growth, mentorship, and networking for women within the company and beyond. 

We asked some of our WIZE community members to reflect on their careers, what makes them most proud to be a woman in tech, and how Zscaler has affected their career trajectory. Here are their responses:


“I am proud to be a woman in cybersecurity because…”

“I have seen firsthand how diversity in thought, perspectives and ideas have helped mitigate the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.” - Lauren Wise, Senior Director, Global Executive Advisory

“Cybersecurity knows no gender.” - Bianca Edgar, Senior Marketing Manager, APJ Enterprise

“I want to encourage and empower other women to feel like they can not only join but also be successful in a male-dominated industry.” - Christina Chung, Manager, Sales Development Representative

“It’s fun, it betters the world, and you're constantly learning new technology and solving problems. It’s fun to be in cybersecurity, but it's especially fun to do it at Zscaler.” - Erica Good, Sales Engineer

“It's just such an interesting industry. It’s changing every day and it’s only going in one direction, so we have a unique opportunity at Zscaler not only to work with the fantastic technology but work in such an exciting time for the industry. It will be really exciting to look back in the future and say that we were a part of this era of time that really defined cybersecurity and defined the way businesses were operating.” - Georgia Bell, Regional Sales Manager, Enterprise


“I am proud to be a woman at Zscaler because…”

“I am proud of the company we are today. I am so inspired by the leadership, the transformational technology that we provide, and the culture we have built here—one that fosters a strong sense of community, partnership, and open communication, regardless of your gender, age, race, or background.” - Josie Smoot, Director, Public Sector Marketing

“Zscaler supports and promotes diversity. We have so many women leaders here in executive leadership and different managerial positions. My leaders always make a big effort to support me and my work. I am encouraged to learn, encouraged to lead, and encouraged to grow at Zscaler.” - Pinki Gupta, Manager, Salesforce CRM

“Collectively, we're changing the face of cybersecurity and the technology industry as a whole.” - Lori Hultin, Director, Analyst Relations

“I feel empowered to do the most meaningful work of my career. Progressive companies like Zscaler break down barriers for women to thrive and move into leadership roles. Each day, I am excited to see how technology will help shape the next decade for a more secure, human-centered role. And women will have a pivotal role to play in making that happen.” - Suruchi Sharma, Director, Digital Marketing

“I feel empowered as a woman in technology and in an environment where my opinions matter. At Zscaler, I am inspired by the women I work with and the CXOs I continue to build relationships with and learn from on a daily basis.” - Julia Cummings, Senior Executive, Customer Programs Manager

“As the leading cybersecurity company today, we are uniquely positioned to improve the course of careers for women in cyber everywhere.” - Nicole Bucala, Senior Director, Business Development


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