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The Zscaler Data Protection Tour: Controlling the Use of Shadow IT


In this blog series, we are taking readers on a tour of the numerous challenges to enterprise data security. As we do so, we detail the ins and outs of each subject, explain why they all matter when it comes to keeping sensitive information safe, and share how your organization can thoroughly and easily address each use case with Zscaler technologies—such as cloud access security broker (CASB), data loss prevention (DLP), and more.

In each part of this series, a quick video will accomplish the above while presenting a brief demo in the Zscaler user interface to show how you can secure your data. 

Prior topics include risky file sharing, SaaS misconfigurations, noncorporate SaaS tenants, sensitive data leakage, reducing DLP false positives, securing key documents, notifying users of DLP policy violations, securing unmanaged devices, and protecting data in image files. To see demos for all of these subjects in one place, check out this page on our website

This blog post’s topic is:

Controlling the use of unsanctioned applications

Unsanctioned SaaS apps (also known as shadow IT) are an important data leakage avenue to secure. Employees regularly access such apps and upload sensitive corporate information to them without IT’s approval. Naturally, this activity can enable not just data leakage and breaches, but regulatory noncompliance, harm to data subjects, and, as a result, a loss of brand reputation and revenue. 

A prior blog discussed the importance (and proper method) of discovering shadow IT, but visibility alone is not enough. As such, Zscaler also delivers highly granular shadow IT control. With customizable cloud app risk profiles, admins can control the use of any apps that meet criteria of their choice, rather than responding in a one-off fashion to individual apps or preset categories of similar apps (although Zscaler can do that, as well). Multiple remediation options are available. 

To learn more about shadow IT control with Zscaler, watch the video below.


Data Protection Features - Shadow IT Control
Data Protection Features - Shadow IT Control

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Zscaler’s integrated, multi-mode CASB can address all of your cloud security use cases. To see how, check out our other demos on out-of-band CASB, exact data match, SSPM, and much more. Or, download our Top CASB Use Cases ebook.

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