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Saving Money with Zero Trust Part 5: Enhancing User Experiences

August 29, 2023 - 2 Lesezeit: Min

Over the last few years, global events, including pandemic lockdowns, rising inflation, and much more, have dramatically increased economic uncertainty. In the business world, this has inevitably led to tighter budgets and a demand for organizations to do more with fewer resources. Even mission-critical teams like security, networking, and IT have not been immune to these challenges. Unfortunately, perimeter-based networking and security architectures have proven to be highly unwieldy and costly—particularly for modern organizations that embrace cloud and hybrid work. 

This blog series looks at the six key ways that organizations can save money with a zero trust architecture—something that Zscaler delivers with unparalleled excellence. Each post includes a video that explains the topic in detail. Subjects discussed thus far include:

This blog focuses on:

The cost of poor user experience and impaired productivity

Because of how they are designed to provide connectivity and security, perimeter-based architectures introduce latency into the end user’s experience, leading to frequent disruptions of enterprise productivity as a whole. This waste of employee time inevitably squanders enterprise finances as well as value creation opportunities. Unfortunately, traditional monitoring tools are optimized for on-premises environments and do little to help the problem. For organizations that are trying to cut costs and use their money responsibly, this status quo must go. 

Zero trust architecture

Rather than being a specific capability, zero trust refers to a modern architecture that overcomes countless costly challenges associated with hub-and-spoke networks and castle-and-moat security models. For organizations looking to save money by enhancing user experiences, a zero trust architecture is an indispensable asset—particularly when it comes with built-in, end-to-end digital experience monitoring (DEM). Watch the video below to learn more.

Want to hear more information about the ways that Zscaler can help your organization save money? Listen to our on-demand webinar, “6 Ways to Cut Costs with a Zero Trust Architecture.” If you want to see how these economic benefits play out in the real world, download our ebook for examples of customers that have cut costs with Zscaler. 

Stay tuned for the next installment in this blog series, which will discuss the importance of decreasing your carbon footprint in order to save the world and your wallet.

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