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Accelerating Mean Time to Resolution with AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis


Today’s IT environments are complex and scale globally to support distributed teams that rely on SaaS services hosted in public clouds or data centers. With employees now working from home, the office, or a combination of the two, IT needs to ensure optimal digital experiences across a wider range of networks, even those not in their control. This is why IT operations and service desk teams often struggle to pinpoint the exact root cause of application issues, system failures, latency, or poor user experience. 



Introducing ZDX AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis

ZDX can quickly identify the root cause of user experience issues with its newly-introduced AI-powered root cause analysis capability. It spares IT teams the labor of sifting through fragmented data and troubleshooting, thereby accelerating resolution and keeping employees productive.


This new capability:

  • Speeds up analysis from hours to seconds by instantly exposing root cause
  • Facilitates collaboration by focusing on digital experience issues
  • Reduces alert fatigue by holistically gathering, correlating, and analyzing data
  • Eliminates the need for specialized skills and training required for point monitoring tools

ZDX can ingest multiple performance- and user experience-related signals across the application delivery chain—from end user devices and across Wi-Fi, local ISP, corporate and non-corporate networks right up to the cloud, data center, or SaaS provider. ZDX uses machine learning to accurately expose root cause by garnering information from past experiences, ensuring that IT addresses the core issues of poor user experience, not just the symptoms.


One-Click Root Cause Analysis Powered by AI

Identifying root cause in ZDX is simple: pick a point in time where user experience is impacted and click ‘Analyze Score’


ZDX processes multiple signals to identify root cause and offers IT teams the ability to provide feedback on its conclusions.


IT operations and service desk teams can immediately understand issues impacting specific regions or services associated with those root causes.


Analyze Change in Factors Impacting Performance Across Two Points in Time

Once IT teams are aware of how a root cause is impacting the user experience, they can further analyze how it’s changed by picking two points in time and reviewing deviations in network performance, device health, and device events across the specified period, which helps them prioritize their efforts.



Expose the Top Factors Impacting User Experience Across a Period of Time

When a degradation in user experience becomes evident, IT teams can then select a time range and review the device, region, network, and service factors that have changed. 


ZDX then presents its conclusions on how the user experience degraded.


This capability provides immediate and actionable insights, which helps teams understand bottlenecks across the application delivery chain.


Enhanced by ISP Insights

ZDX relies on a wide range of telemetry to provide IT teams with actionable root cause analysis. This includes a real-time understanding of the health of the internet, which is key given that most employees now work from home or remote offices and use the internet to connect to resources. 

Zscaler ISP Insights enhances ZDX by providing a global view of how ISPs perform so that they can select the best ones to partner with. The same telemetry is incorporated into AI-powered root cause analysis when users experience poor performance, which is especially handy when remote users rely on local ISPs to reach business-critical applications and services.


IT teams can now conveniently assess and monitor global ISPs and incorporate recommendations into performance and end user experience improvements.


Next Steps

ZDX AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis is available to all customers using ZDX Advanced. If you’re interested in learning more about this capability and how it can help you accelerate mean time to resolution and keep users productive, please schedule a demo with our experts!

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